I started my professional career with a smaller consulting firm where I among other things worked with applied digital signal processing and development of a computational program (FEM) for modeling and calculating the dynamic behavior of mechanical structures. After that I joined IBM for 8 years where I started as a systems engineer and finished as a sales representative.


Finally after around 15 years in 1994 I started under personal management with the company


where I have served since then.


During these years I have had the opportunity to work in several different roles and competence areas, like for example: technician, salesman, developer, architect, project manager and educator.


I am constantly eager to learn new things and my ambition is to always deliver what is the best for my customers. As a result of that, today I have a very broad basis to stand on. This makes it possible for me to accept a whole range of tasks and when there is proper time for it, to suggest optimal solutions for the customer.


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